Get rid of your moobs, before they ruin your life

How to Lose Man Breast Fat

how to lose man breast fat

Let’s face it – while a nice rack looks great on women, to have one for yourself (assuming that you’re man) is something you’d probably be ashamed of. Pectoral fats or ‘man boobs’ as it is jokingly referred to, is often a source of discomfort for the majority of males. This social concept of ‘unattractiveness’ and ‘obesity’ associated with having pectoral fats is in itself erroneous, but the debilitating after-effects such as depression, a discomfort with one’s body, and even a hatred of oneself cannot be ignored. If you’re looking for information on how to lose man breast fat without having to resort to liposuction or other forms of cosmetic surgery, there are natural ways to bid ‘man boobs’ goodbye.

Proper diet – the accumulation of fats in the body is often due to an unhealthy diet laden with junk foods, fast food, and an excessive consumption of fizzy and sugary beverages. Steering clear of unhealthy foodstuffs and overhauling your diet can be a prelude to losing unwanted pectoral fats. Focus on a diet of whole grains, whether its rye, barley, sorghum, brown rice, or whole wheat. Ditch the unhealthy fats that are found in Big Mac and other sundry fast-foods, and go lean on proteins from healthier sources like fish, turkey, and tofu. To help hasten your metabolism and burn fats faster, switch from soda to healthier alternatives like oolong or green tea. Snacks, unavoidable as they may be, can be made healthier when you opt for fresh fruit shakes, healthy salads, nuts, and dried fruits.

A focused exercise regimen – meaning an exercise regimen focused on getting rid of pectoral fats. There are different ways to tone the chest muscles and burn unwanted fats that have accumulated overtime, but these exercises are hard and strenuous, often requiring extreme dedication on your part. If you want to know how to lose man breast fat effectively, simply do exercises like push-ups and bench presses, while strenuous, can go a long way to toning chest muscles and effectively. Dumbbells can be helpful for when you want to burn extra chest fats. Make sure that you do regular repetitions to maximize the benefits that you can derive from exercising.

To burn more fats and hasten your metabolic rate, do cardio-exercises and aerobics coupled with a steady regimen of push-ups, weight lifting, and bench-presses. Overtime, your pectoral fats will slowly dissipate and become toned muscle. There are some cases in which having a profuse amount of pectoral fats results from a medical problem such as gynecomastia. If ever you are unsure about the cause of your chest fats, or if your body is not predisposed to having it, (i. e. you are ectomorphic instead of mesomorphic or endomorphic), then you should seek medical help before you attempt any dietary change or exercise regimen.

You should also consider that while there are many kinds of exercise machines available to help target specific muscle areas, there are no pin-point exercise machines that target only one specific muscle group at any one time. If you really want to know how to lose man breast fat efficiently, then a well-rounded exercise regimen and a healthy diet are in order. Remember – changing one part of your body curtails an overall change in every aspect of yourself.