Get rid of your moobs, before they ruin your life

How to Lose Man Boobs

how to lose man boobs

When determining how to lose man boobs, it may be beneficial to focus on three major methods including exercise, diet, and medical or surgical intervention and of course, the most effective method is going to be combining diet and exercise just as for any other form of fat accumulation. Man boobs are often associated with an overdeveloped lower chest and a correspondingly underdeveloped upper chest and this imbalance is caused by an increased level of estrogen either generated by excessive body fat or hormonal imbalances. If utilising diet and exercise, the ultimate goals for losing man boobs lay in boosting testosterone levels and burning man fat.

Surgical and medical intervention involves breast reduction surgery and estrogen lowering supplements respectively. Breast reduction surgery removes overlying fatty mammary tissue however when considering how to lose man boobs, it is important to remember that surgery does not address underlying factors and excessive mammary tissue can grow back afterwards. Gynexin is one of the more popular and effective gyneastial supplements that targets fatty cells in the chest and attacks raised estrogen levels.

Exercise is an effective approach to how to lose man boobs if the cause is linked to obesity. A common mistake is to target the chest alone. It is impossible to target fat loss from a localized area of the body. Any fat loss program should be geared to the entire body as by accomplishing a generalized loss of fat throughout the entire body, fat loss in the chest will by necessity follow. The most effective exercise programs involves interval training which increases metabolism to high levels. Interval trainings intensity expends a large amount of calories even after the workout is finished. The definition of interval training is hard versus easy exercise usually in a 1:3 ratio hard:easy. For example, a workout would span twenty to twenty five minutes with twenty to thirty seconds of hard exercise followed by one to two minutes of easy exercise. Workouts with weights boost testosterone levels. Exercises targeting the chest muscles that can be incorporated into a general exercise program are push ups, dips, incline push ups, incline chest exercises with weights, and dumbbell/kettlebell pullovers. It is important not to overexercise because rest and recuperation between workouts is crucial to healthy testosterone levels.

Diet can also be incorporated into any weight loss program including the loss of chest fat. All weight loss diet programs should be centered around a balanced diet. High protein diets are detrimental to testosterone levels. Many diet programs avoid fat, but healthy fats, namely monounsaturated fats, boost testosterone levels. Soy has been shown to be bad for testosterone levels, so artificial meat should be avoided. One should aim to lose weight slowly because dramatic drops in caloric intake, severely curtailing carbohydrate intake, and excessive cardiovascular activity is bad for healthy testosterone production. Goals for healthy weight loss and fat reduction are to increase lean muscle mass, increase metabolism to burn fat, and to eat nutritious foods.

In summary, losing man boobs is not necessarily a difficult undertaking, but it requires discipline and dedication. If exercise and diet are not sufficient to accomplish the goal of chest fat reduction, one can consider incorporating surgery and/or natural supplements.