Get rid of your moobs, before they ruin your life

How To Effectively Reduce Man Boobs

reduce man boobs

As a physical trainer the biggest mistake I see guys making when it comes to trying to reduce man boobs is lifting heavy weights and not concentrating on diet and the use of natural supplements. 80% of the success when it comes to reducing excess body fat is not in what one does in the gym, but what one chooses to consume. The only way to reduce man boobs is by expending more energy on a regular basis than you take in. The body does this through the metabolic rate. The most productive way to manipulate or take advantage of metabolism is through food intake. Of course exercising helps this process because it uses up lots of calories, which is the name of the game. How much does one man boob weigh? It should be noted that 3500 calories = 1 pound of fat; unfortunately however, the body loses and gets rid of it uniformly. This means that with exercise or diet alone it is near impossible to target a certain area specifically. If women can’t do it with their feminine hips men can’t do it with their man boobs.

In terms of diet it should be geared towards trimming down not bulking up. If one builds muscle on the pectorals without losing body fat it will only pronounce the undesired man boob effect. When it comes to the working out part, again it is about toning and leaning down not adding on layers of lean mass under subcutaneous adipose tissue. High repetitions and endurance workouts meant to burn tons of calories and accentuate the caloric deficit put in place through eating habits.

There are plenty of people I see who make use of unregulated, unnecessary, and in some cases downright dangerous drugs and supplements. First and foremost concentrate on eating habits and exercise but if one seeks a little extra kick, then consider natural supplements like Gynexin to reduce man boobs. Herbal supplements are typically less demanding on the cardiovascular system because they do not rely on the massive amounts of caffeine that bodybuilding supplements do.

Its intended purpose is to assist the body in reducing body fat and on a cellular level convert into energy some of the fatty cells in the male mammary glands. The ingredients are nonabrasive, for example Green Tea Extract, a plant resin named Guggulsterones, and Cacao fruit. I should note that if an individual thinks they can sit back and pop pills into a new defined and attractive chest they are sorely mistaken. Helpful supplements like Gynexin should only be used as a part of an arsenal of weapons including food intake and exercise. Furthermore the only way to sustain results in reducing man boobs is through a good diet and exercise regimen.

Concentrate on vegetables, lean meat, and monounsaturated fats and workouts with high repetitions like circuit training, endurance training, and exercise classes to help reduce your man boobs. Then once you have a routine going and are looking to add a little oomph, look into all natural herbal supplements like Gynexin.

Frank K – Personal Trainer