Get rid of your moobs, before they ruin your life

Ditch Your Moobs With Exercises

moobs exercises

One of the most embarrassing physical situations a man can find himself in is having to expose the presence of moobs when taking off his shirt at the beach. An even more severe moob problem can be detected underneath the shirt and it can even look like the man needs to be wearing a bra. Moobs are caused by an overabundance of fat deposits in the chest area. Because men have no biological reason for having man boobs it is probably a healthy idea for them to get rid of the man boob problem.

There are three components that involve reducing the size and finally getting rid of man boobs. The three components include diet, cardio exercise and strength training. When these three things work together the moobs will bite the dust.

The diet of the man with moobs is usually high calorie, high sugar, high carb and high alcohol. To adjust the diet to a moob melting one the diet should be moderate in calorie intake, low in carbs and alcohol intake and high in protein. In order to lose fat and burn muscle the diet should definitely be higher in protein and this can be found in lean meats and whey protein powders.

The first step in undertaking moobs exercises is to get involved in a good amount of cardio. Cardio exercises burn calories and therefore will burn fat away from the man boobs. Some good types of cardio for men include jogging, bicycling and swimming. Swimming is actually a great for of exercise because it utilizes the entire body including the chest. Swimming will work the chest and burn fat at the same time.

The second type of moobs exercises that one must undertake are strength training exercises that will build muscle and replace existing fat in the chest area. Although moobs exercises include areas that target the chest there is really no way to target train the body. Strength training exercises have to be done to strengthen the whole body including the lower body and the core so there is balance in the body.

Some specific moob exercises that are good for working the chest include the good old push up, chest flies, chest crossovers and bench presses. With push ups it is okay to start with what you can handle and then increase the amount of push ups you do daily or weekly so that you are building your endurance and strength and not plateauing. Bench pressing should also be taken slowly because a man with moobs might not have so much muscle in his chest area to begin with. Starting light and increasing the weight slowly is the best way to make sure you are building muscle and avoiding injury.

If it seems your progress is plateauing it is a good idea to consult a personal trainer that will let you know how you can switch up your workout or make it harder for yourself so you are continually building muscle and improving your workout. Taking all of these steps seriously including diet and moobs exercises will ensure that you leave your man boobs in the dust and you can show off your hot chest at the beach.

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