Get rid of your moobs, before they ruin your life

Best Diets To Reduce Your Moobs

Moob diet

If you think that you are one of the unlucky ones who has been blessed with man boobs then i’m afraid that it is simply not true. The reality is that nobody was born with man boobs and they have grown to their colossus size due mainly to your diet. Moobs are made entirely of fatty deposits and have no biological reason for being there. The simple fact is that overeating an unhealthy diet full of high calorie and high fat foods has sprouted these flabby patches on your chest.

There needs to be a three way attack on the man boobs in order to reduce their size and turn them into muscles instead of boobs. This attack includes cardio exercise, strength training exercise and a proper diet. Without any of these components your efforts will fail and the moobs will persist.

One of the first steps that you can take to get on the right track is to get on a moob diet. Moob diets may not be what you are used to and if you have typically eaten mainly high carb diets full of junk food and beer a moob diet will be a complete change that can take some getting used to. The truth is that you can choose to have moobs or you can choose to eat healthily and not have moobs.

Some of the best moob diets eliminate or strictly limit carbohydrate intake at first. Though they can be added back into the diet later in moderation reducing carbohydrates can put the body into a state of ketosis. When your body is in ketosis it burns the excess stored fat in your body for energy instead of using carbohydrates for energy. If you have man boobs then one of the places you are storing that extra fat is in the boobs. When your body goes into ketosis it will start using your moobs for energy thereby reducing their size.

Moob diets should also include a good amount of protein especially when one begins to exercise. It is hard to build muscle without an adequate intake of protein. Replacing all of those calories that were once reserved for carbs with calories from protein will help to make your muscle building a success. Building muscle through strength training is important because building muscle replaces fat and built muscle burns more calories even while you are not exercising. Try to include whole food sources of lean meat such as chicken breasts, lean hamburger meat, the occasional steak, and seafood. Seafood is a great option because it is typically lowest in calories and fat and highest in protein. Seafood is also delicious and healthy!

Another source of protein you can include in a moob diet is supplemental protein like whey protein. Whey protein shakes can be made and consumed to support those more intense workouts that you will be doing as you get stronger in your quest to eliminate the man boob. Whey protein shakes are very easy to make, just scoop some into the blender with ice and milk, and voila! you have a man boob shake. These shakes should not be replacing every meal but they can replace a lunch or to get your energy back up after some intense working out at the gym.