Get rid of your moobs, before they ruin your life
A good exercise plan can help you lose your moobs

The Exercise Way

Man breasts, more commonly known as gynaecomastia, is an uncomfortable and humiliating disorder that is estimated to affect more than three million men in the UK. It is characterised by excessive growth of glandular breast tissue of males that causes breast development in varying degrees of severity. The condition may present symptoms such as pain, tenderness and swelling. In the most serious cases, lactation can occur.

The causes of gynaecomastia itself are always hormonal in nature, caused by excessive levels of aestrogen, prolactin or progesterone. Numerous factors can be responsible for the problem. Many prescription medications have gynaecomastia as a possible side effect, such as ones that block testosterone. These drugs are used primarily to treat male testosterone-dependent cancers, but leave aestrogen to run out of control. Many psychiatric drugs are also notorious for causing gynaecomastia. Others that have this effect include calcium blockers, certain antibiotics and ulcer medications.

Men who use steroids are especially susceptible to gynaecomastia. Testosterone levels will only get so high before the body begins converting a lot of the excess into aestrogen. This is why it is so common in these circles to regularly use an aromatase inhibitor which blocks aestrogen conversion. Generally, it will clear up on its own after stopping steroid use.

It is also highly possible to develop this condition simply through a series of poor lifestyle choices. Sedentary habits slow metabolism and keep androgenic hormones low. A diet consisting of largely processed foods is often rich in soy and other things which have very potent aestrogenic effects. Together, they can result in both excess body fat and persistent gynaecomastia.

Who Gets gynaecomastia?

Any male of any age or race can develop gynaecomastia. It is not unheard of for infants to be born with it temporarily due to hormonal conditions in the mother's body. It has even been estimated that three in every four teens will have a brush with the condition that usually resolves on its own. Older men are also vulnerable, as androgen levels drop with age.

Exercising Your gynaecomastia Away

Because gynaecomastia is a condition related to hormone levels, the most appropriate way to treat it is to get hormone levels back into balance. This can be as simple as exercising. High intensity, low repetition weight training is the most effective way to drive down levels of feminising hormones and drive up testosterone.

As you lift weights, you place considerable strain on your muscles. In response to this prolonged use, they grow and become stronger. Nothing fuels muscle growth better than testosterone, so your body begins to produce more of it to support the demand. Persistence is a must, though. All of the muscle you develop will act to keep your androgen levels high even when you aren't working out, but it needs regular stimulation through exercise.

Certain types of localised chest exercises can help, too. Your pectoral area has a lot of ligaments and muscles that, when exercised regularly, can have a lifting and toning effect that might make gynaecomastia less apparent. Another benefit of all of this exercise is the loss of body fat. Along with the enlarged mammary glands, man breasts are composed of excessive fatty tissue and any decrease in the amount will cause noticeable shrinkage.

Although gynaecomastia is surprisingly common and has many causes, it is nearly always possible to remedy. Should fighting it with exercise fail to produce the desired results or produce them in a timely manner, there is always the option of surgery or medications. For many people, using a natural product such as Gynexin may be more suitable.

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