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Breasts are considered one of the most attractive body parts on females, but the same cannot be said about males. Unfortunately, thousands of men suffer from a condition known as gynecomastia, more commonly known as male breasts. Men with gynecomastia will have large breasts that hang down in the same manner that female breasts do. While man breasts are extremely common, they can cause a great deal of distress, especially since they commonly form during puberty.

The main cause of male breasts is unknown, however it's been linked to drug and steroid use and many doctors theorize that it may have to do with genetics as well. When drug use is not the reason behind male breasts, about 50% of cases clear up on their own after a few years. For some however, having male breasts is a lifelong problem that needs correcting.

There are many different methods of correcting male breasts, however many choose to lose man breasts the medical way because this is the quickest way to see results. Unfortunately, it's also the most expensive and requires surgery. For men who are interested in surgery, it's important to find a plastic surgeon that is experienced in male breast reduction. Many will use one of two methods; liposuction and excision. Liposuction is used to remove any fat stored within the breast while excision is used to remove any tissue. Many men have both fat and tissue that causes their breasts to sag, and in this situation, both liposuction and excision can be done at once.

After the surgery patients can expect to be sore for one to two weeks, during which a strong pain killer will be prescribed. Patients will also need to wear a compression to help with the swelling and bruising. The compression typically resembles a vest and will need to be worn for at least a month. It's important for patients to take care of themselves after surgery as there is always a risk of infection and other complications.

Insurance companies typically don't cover gynecomastia, so patients can expect to pay for the entire procedure out of pocket. The cost differs greatly depending on the surgeon, and those interested will need to go in for an exam before an estimate can be given.

A less drastic method of breast reduction in male is to change lifestyle habits. Many men report seeing significant improvement in their chest area after they start eating healthier and working out. Exercising that work the chest are recommended, such as lifting weights, as are cardiovascular exercises.

Exercising alone may not be enough, and for that, a healthy diet is needed. Junk food should be eliminated and clcohol should be avoided at all costs. This is because when men drink their body produces less testosterone. With less testosterone in the body, male breasts can become even worse. When drinking is stopped, an increased level of testosterone begins pumping throughout and body and often times reduces the size of male breasts.

Exercising and eating healthy may be less drastic than surgery, but it also requires much longer to see results. Often times it takes anywhere from several months to a year to see a noticeable difference. Because of this, man who want to see results now without having their body cut open may be interested in gynexin.

Gynexin is an all-natural pill that contains ingredients that have been specially formulated to reduce male breasts. Gynexin reduces the breasts the same way surgeons do, by removing both fat and tissue. The pill's ingredient break down both and once the excess is gone, tightens the chest area.

There are many pros and cons to each method of losing man breasts. Men who are looking for the quickest way may rather have surgery, however the risks, price, and recovery time can be extremely difficult to manage. Exercising is eating healthier is somewhat safer, but much more lengthy and also requires a lifetime commitment. Gynexin, on the other hand, gives men the best of both worlds. For those who are looking for a safe change that will be done quickly, gynexin may be the way to go.

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