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How to Get Rid of Moobs

How to Get Rid of Moobs

Moobs, man breasts, or fatty deposits in the pectoral area are an embarrassing affliction for men and the question that is on their lips the most is “how to get rid of moobs?”. Before we answer that, there are a few factors that you must understand about man boobs in order to know what type you have and how you can fix the problem. For many people, it's the estrogenic fat that comes from having a hormonal imbalance. The male hormone, testosterone, is required for a man to be a man, and estrogen is needed for a woman to be a woman, but both sexes have a little of both hormone in them. When this fine balance is disturbed, women can grow facial hair, their voice might deepen and they might have more male tendencies. When the reverse happens to a man, fatty deposits are found in the hips and the male breasts grow or enlarge.

As it's something that a man really doesn't want, there are a few different ways of how to get rid of moobs. Firstly, there are two different types, gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia. The former is where the moob really is a boob. This is a results of the female hormone being more present than the male and causes the body to grow male breasts. Pseudogynecomastia is just body fat that is stored around and under the nipple, forcing the area to protrude. Both types can be treated, you'll be pleased to know, but it does take some effort and norally a change in diet and lifestyle or some surgery to have the best effects.


Although it may sound extreme, a change in lifestyle and a severe willingness to make a change in diet and exercise can take a long time to make their effects known and surgical procedures are usually favoured. Lipsuction, reduction mammoplasty and excision simply means cutting out the fat tissue that is causing the breast area to be bulbous.

Normally, increasing the levels of testosterone are tried first and if it doesn't work then surgery is usually next step in how to get rid of moobs. However, too much testosterone causes estrogen to take over and can make the onset of man breasts worsen. There are other ways to deal with gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia before going under the knife, but for many men, living with enlarged pectoral breast areas for years can be debilitating to their confidence and lead to a downward spiral of not working out and not eating well, which adds to the problem.

The surgery is a fairly quick procedure and is not dissimilar to the breast reduction surgeries that large chested women go through, although there is less tissue to take away. The surgeon would cut above the nipple and create a pocket, then cut down and around the nipple so that the fat stores are exposed. After removing the fatty tissue, the chest is sewn back up and normally recovery can take up to 3 months. A compression garment might be used after there has been surgery on the man boobs, which helps with the healing process and gives the man a boost in terms of not being embarrassed about his chest.


Pseudogynecomastia is the storage of chest fat and is one of the most difficult areas on a man's body to get rid of them through diet and exercise. However, with a stringent regime of fitness, cardio and lifting weights, this will cause the body to create testosterone on its own and it doubles the effect of reducing the size and shape of the moobs. It's not an overnight fix, in the same way that getting the breasts in the first place is normally due to over-eating and under-exercising over a number of years.

Depending on the extent of your man boobs will depend on how quickly you can reverse the affliction. Your determination to want to get rid of moobs and the extent of how the breasts could take months or even years to get rid of. Surgery is usually the last option for male breast reduction and your doctor will almost always recommend adjusting to a low-carb, high protein diet and going to the gym regularly will help get rid of the moobs. Gynecomastia is a little different as it is the increase of female hormones in the body and this will need to be looked at. Aromatase needs to be inhibited as it can turn into estrogen and cause worse problems, but as long as testosterone is being increased then you should be on your way to working through the hormone imbalance and then you can start on the diet and exercise regime.

Adding zinc into your diet, lifting seriously heavy weights and eating vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli are said to be some of the best natural things to do if you are a chest fat sufferer. Grape seed extract, curcumin and DIM are supplements that you can take to also pull the estrogen out of your body and be replaced with a higher prportion of testosterone.

Medical Aspects

So, in order to determine whether you have gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia, check around the nipple area and feel if there is a firm disc of tissue under and around the nipple. If there is then it will most likely be gynecomastia. If not, and it's just fat tissue, then it is pseudogynecomastia. While the latter is easier to treat, both can take a very long time to get rid of.

By adding zinc, increasing the weights you lift at the gym, having an intense workout session 3-5 times a week, using a natural supplement such as Gynexin and of course eating good, organic food that is rich in zinc such as wild meat and vegetables that are cruciferous then you can be on your way to curing your quest of how to get rid of moobs. Remember, that when you go to the gym your zinc levels will be depleted and that's where taking mineral supplements really helps, or at least a handful of walnuts after a workout.

Whether you want to work hard at it with diet and exercise or you are opting for surgery to answer your question of how to get rid of moobs, there is something that will work for you so don't worry.